“To promote community use of the bicycle for transport and recreation

To create a safer and more amenable bicycling environment in the Newcastle region by encouraging;

(1) widespread upgrading of existing roads and the establishment of a network of off-road bicycle paths where appropriate.

(2) the improvement of the road behavior of bicyclists and motorists through education and enforcement programs.

(3) community recognition of the obligations and rights of bicyclists as responsible and legitimate road users.

2.3 To provide services to members of the NCM.

2.4 To provide advice and information (within the means and expertise of the NCM) to governments or their agencies, business and individuals on bicycle related matters.”

We invite anyone who supports the objectives of Newcastle Cycleways Movement Inc to become a member.

Membership runs from 1st July to 30th June and must be renewed annually, there is currently no membership fee.

To join, either come to a meeting or send an email to  requesting membership. In the email give your name, street address, and email address. To be a member you must be proposed and seconded at a committee meeting, but the committee will take care of that. If you have previously been a member of NCM, please indicate the approximate year you were first a member.


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