Aug 052013

There is a new bike path under construction on the Pacific Highway near Scenic Drive. This path will connect Fernleigh Track to Merewether via Fernleigh Loop and Faul Street.





Here are some more photos from 16th August. This will be an excellent link and RMS are to be congratulated for building this so quickly. Its a bit unfortunate to have the light poles in the path, and we hope this does not make it difficult to get a road sweeping machine along it occasionally. The crash barrier between cyclists and cars will make this section much safer, and the retaining wall is wide enough that there shouldn’t be debris falling onto the path. Lets hope the light poles are decorated with reflective tape, and have a line marking to direct unobservant cyclists away from them.





  3 Responses to “Bike path connecting Fernleigh Track to Merewether”

  1. This is going to be a great connection and the Roads and Maritime Service should be congratulated. It creates a nice route from downtown Newcastle, via Merewether, Yule Rd, and Scenic Drive to reach Gun Club Rd. This is good for people wishing to mountain bike in Glenrock, or to connect via Faul St which brings you to the Fernleigh track just south of the tunnel. It is not yet safe to cycle all the way along Scenic drive, but Yule Rd is a quiet street with a steady grade.
    Its a two way cycleway on the eastern side of City Rd, and although a two way cycleway is generally not a good choice as it creates confusion at intersections, there are no intersections on this stretch of road.
    The barrier should stop road debris building up on the surface, and hopefully it is wide enough to get a street sweeper along it every now and then.
    Ben E.

  2. This cycle path has been added to openstreetmap:

    For now, it ends abruptly at Scenic Drive close to Sunhill Drive.