Aug 182013


There is a new cycle path near Elizabeth Street in Carrington. The shared pathway connects Carrington Foreshore along Elizabeth Drive taking cyclists off the main road and linking up to an existing shared pathway along Linwood/Throsby Creek to Islington Park. The work will improve safety for recreational cyclists as this is a busy street commonly used by trucks to access local industry. This new path will also improve safety for commuters and other utility cyclists. Carrington has consistently had the highest rate of cycling as a journey to work in the Newcastle in the census data and it provides a vital link for cyclists to the cycleway network.

  One Response to “Carrington Cycle path”

  1. Went there today. Unless I’m mistaken, this stretch is quite short, and is not labelled a cycle path. It also does not attach to Young Street or Elizabeth Street. It attaches to the sandy walk along Throsby Creek where the Mangrove boardwalk is.

    This is where I was looking at: