Jul 272014

I’ve heard it said that NCM members want, and deserve, more information and updates about what is happening on their behalf, so here is my first attempt at a regular Presidents blog.  Next month is our AGM (Tuesday 12th August) when a comprehensive annual report with more details about our activities in the past year will be tabled.

The BNSW BUG Council met again this past week, and raised a point that I too have been increasingly concerned about; Cyclist visibility.

Whilst it is great seeing more people riding, we are also seeing more cyclist doing things from simply foolish, to downright dangerous.  Now I know no-one reading this blog would be one of those, but, whilst your representatives are working hard at improving conditions for cyclists, I would like to take this opportunity to ask us all to think about our cycling habits and ask ourselves ‘can we do better?’

Cycling shouldn’t require special clothes and multitudes of gadgets to be able to participate, particularly if all we are doing is short trips on bike paths.  However please consider, when riding to work, a lot of the clothes we wear are dark. Do you come home at night or dusk? A simple hi-vis vest costs $15 and folds up to next to nothing.

If you are riding at night the law states you must have working lights both front and rear.  When was the last time you checked your batteries?  There are a range of small led lights on the market now that have elastic bands and can go around your arm or ankle.  The ankle is an ideal place for those reflective slap bands as the action of going up and down makes them stand out nicely.

Predictable behaviour is also important for safe cycling. The theory about where to ride on the road, taking the lane when necessary and using the shoulder safely will be the topic of another blog later.

Your committee is full of enthusiastic people keen to share the great joys of cycling, keen to encourage authorities to provide better conditions and facilities.  However we cannot do this alone and fresh ideas and input are needed to continue this work.  All sorts of skills are required.  At the moment we are advertising for a volunteer with a good working knowledge of WordPress to manage the website.  Perhaps you have an idea to promote cycling and sharing it at our meetings might help kick it off.  If you can consider helping out to create a better environment for cycling, please come along to the AGM or contact us through this website.bikes

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