Mar 192013

Newcastle Now
last night hosted an exciting evening of speakers who are all contributing to the future of Newcastle. Jan Gehl was the keynote speaker and he has been contracted by Newcastle Now to design new separated bike lanes along Hunter Street, Newcastle. This, along with other initiatives, is designed to revamp Newcastle, making it a more liveable city. Gehl, in his modest, urbane European manner, gave a brief overview of the history of city planning, and how cities had grown to accommodate cars, especially since the 1950s. But cars are not friendly to the concept of a liveable city, and  soon the piazzas of Europe became car parks. Over the past five decades, city planners gradually reduced the parking available for car parking and encouraged the use of public transport and bikes to create the more pleasant urban spaces now evident in all major European cities. Mr Gehl highlighted that this could also become a reality in Newcastle, with the promise of new bicycle lanes in our city centre to realise this wonderful vision for our city.

Feb 182013

Newcastle NOW is hosting a city forum to identify actions to take the City forward right now.

You will learn the impact and opportunities of the City’s Urban Renewal Strategy, and be inspired by world-renowned guest speaker Jan Gehl.

Jan is Professor of Urban Design and the inspiration behind public design in New York, Copenhagen, and Melbourne. He received a DOT’s Commissioner’s Award for exceptional contribution to New York City Streetscape and the Public Realm. His publications include Cities for PeopleLife Between Buildings, and New Urban Spaces.

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