Nov 102013

Picture 1Sydney Cycleways has launched a new campaign urging ¬†people who ride bikes to “ride graciously”. The video presents scenarios, quite common to cyclists, pedestrians and car drivers, which often cause a lack of mutual respect and can sometimes escalate into the sort of road rage which most cyclists try to avoid. It then gives instances of how cyclists can change their behaviour to prevent the road rage incidents from happening. The targeted audience of the video is cyclists, urging them to change their behaviours so that people using other forms of transport will respond with like-minded politeness. It will be interesting to see whether this video is a success, and how Sydney Cycleways will measure that success, as most instances of lack of courteous behaviour between cyclists and other road users are not reported. However, the road rage phenomenon is widespread and highly alarming to cyclists so it is great to see Sydney acknowledging and acting on this in a positive way. To view this cute and entertaining video, click here.