BikesCount report for Sunday 26th May 2013

Photo credit: Vicki Coughlan
Location Sunday May 2012 Sunday May 2013    
Route 6        
Honeysuckle Dve, west end 175 220 126%
Route 6, Hannel St 137 189 138%
Route 6, TAFE 113 100 88% Note:1 hr x2
Route 6, Wartah Stn 46
Route 6, Maud St
Moore St near Regal cinema
East west        
Jesmond Park/JHH
Howe St-Croudace Rd 32
Turton Rd/ Sports centre 66 79 120%
Showground, Markets. 82
Beaumont St/ Donald St 86
King St /Markettown 72 69 96%
Civic Park corner 91 80 88%
Coastal Cycleway        
Fernleigh /Kalaroo Rd 198 285 144%
Fernleigh Track/Dibbs St 224 257 115%
Glebe Rd/ Teralba Rd 114
Parkway / Union St 58
Stockton Wharf
Mackie Ave/St James Rd 68 88 129%
Dixon Park/ bathers way
North South / Kotara 28
Glebe Rd/ Gordon Ave
Industrial Dv-Maitland Rd 47
Industrial Dve/Tourle St
Industrial Dve, William St 68 65 96%
Queens wharf 148 148
Booragul/ 5 Islands
Glenrock/ Gunclub Rd 100
Nobbys Breakwater 72


BikesCount report for Sunday 26th May 2013


Twelve spotters counted cyclists for 2 hours from 8am till 10am, on a bright but cold morning. Total cyclists 1577 , of whom 18% were female. This is a lower proportion of females than last year, (26%). We also counted parent child pairs: 34 =2.2%

Total for comparison, same sites 1360 vs 1580 = 16.2% increase. There is a trend of increasing numbers on the best tracks ie Fernleigh Track and Throsby Creek and mixed results elsewhere. This could also be because lower numbers are more prone to random fluctuation.  At this rate cycling will double every 4.5 years.

The number of cyclists on the Fernleigh and Throsby Creek tracks just keeps going up, with more patchy results elsewhere. We believe this is because many new people will cycle where they feel safe, and that the best place to build cycleways to get high use would be where they connect to and extend one of these popular existing routes.

We will do another count on a Tuesday in October, and will have to recruit some new counters to keep the coverage up.

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