How to record a Google map


At the google home page select MAP, then find your own suburb.

Click MY PLACES , then Sign in to Google.  (You do need a Google account)

Click CREATE MAP   and give it a name and description

On the map there should be a strip of 3 icons, a hand, a placemark, and a blue line shaped like an N.

From the drop down arrow on the right hand icon select DRAW A LINE ALONG ROADS

Click your starting spot, and drag the route along where you want to go. Check that the line goes where you want because it has a tendency to jump around. You can click to pin it in place.

If you want to go somewhere that cars cannot go such as the wrong way up a one way street  it becomes more difficult. You have to terminate the “draw along roads” line and start a new line using the DRAW A LINE option. Your eventual route may be made up of multiple segments.

When you have finished click DONE  then the icon that looks like links of a chain. This gives a screen with a URL that you can copy and keep.

The URL can be embedded in documents or web pages, or sent in an email and gives anyone access to your map.

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