Bike Buddy Scheme- July 2017


Bike Buddy expectations for guides (volunteer experienced cyclists) and for staff (university staff considering cycling as a means of getting to the Hunter St campus)

For guides

The key thing is for the guide to help find a safe route that avoids busy roads and awkward intersections. The co-ordinator will try to select the guide who lives closest to the staff member.

Some staff just want telephone or email advice from guides while others would like company on their ride to be sure of the route.

You might like to check a few things on a staff member’s bike before they ride:

  • tyre inflation
  • brakes
  • bell
  • lights if there is a high chance that some trips will be after sunset.
  • a helmet that fits well

In cases where staff have not had recent cycling experience, get them to rehearse an emergency stop. Make sure that they know which brake is front and back, and they can use both of them effectively and safely.

Guides should not have to teach the rider how to ride their bike. They are not expected to accompany the rider more than once but some guides may be happy to do so.

For staff

The expectation is that the staff member has a road worthy cycle to use.

Staff interested in cycle commuting should email their contact details including home address and phone number  to the co-ordinator  at   who will select an appropriate guide.

Following email contact with the co-ordinator, an email will be sent to both the rider and the selected guide with details of the other person.

It is up to the staff member to contact the nominated guide. This may be for one or more of the following.

  • choosing safe roads
  • cycling equipment guidance
  • a request to be escorted along the proposed commuting route.

The guides are all volunteers, and their availability is entirely up to their good will.

Everyone rides at their own risk.

Why do we do it? Because a town with more people riding more often is better for everybody.

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