Favorite Commuter Routes


When a bunch of cyclists get together the conversation often drifts to their favorite routes from A to B. The best route is one that avoids hazardous traffic and hills, and may be a matter of personal preference. With Google Maps it is now very easy to record a route, so this page is for everyone to post a map of their route to work, with a short commentary on why they like it and a url link to their map.    Instructions on how to record a Google Map.

Cooks Hill to the HMRI building at John Hunter Hospital

There is no really good direct route, but I think this one is the least worst option. I use King St because you cant avoid it, Lindsay St which is quiet, the Broadmeadow Station underpass to reach the East-West cycleway near the helicopter base. I then follow the East-West until Croudace Rd but turn off into the new suburb in the area that used to be the drive in cinema, which lets me join the track from the back of Jesmond Park up the hill through the bush to the HMRI building. The best bit is that when you are breathing hard going uphill you get clean bush air rather than exhaust fumes.

Click here for the map:  http://goo.gl/maps/mzfVE

Route 6, Town to Uni http://goo.gl/maps/dtOVT

Newcastle central to Fernleigh Track via Merewether        http://goo.gl/Kzf8Bn

Fernleigh Track at Adamstown to University      http://goo.gl/IuLUxz

Glendale to University                         http://goo.gl/d4oQYq

University to John Hunter Hospital- off road all the way      http://goo.gl/lQzrGZ

University to West Mayfield                                           http://goo.gl/U6G9YP



To add your route to this page, just record a google map, write a brief description including the map url, and email it to secretary@newcastlecycleways.org.au

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