Social Rides


Saturday Morning: “Cobweb Ride”

Grade: EFX; Distance 40km; Contact Chris 0457522800; Average speed 25-30kph.

Starts: 7.15 am Saturdays at Wheeler Place. Regular routes on road-highway. Breakfast at end.

Every Saturday Morning: “Saturday Social Saunter”

Grade: ESP; Distance: ~ one hour; Contact: Don 4944 7869. Average speed 15-20kph.

Starts at 8:00 am from Stewart Ave Railway Crossing, Newcastle West. Easy ride, suitable for beginners/new members. An excellent opportunity to start/get back to cycling and meet some new people. Followed by breakfast at Museum Cafe.

Geriatrics Play Group

An ad hoc, disparate social group of mainly retired people whose ages range from 45 to 70 odd and enjoy riding bikes. They organise various MTB and road rides, distances 20 to 60 km. These are not organised by NCM. For more information go to their webpage  

Grading Codes:

 1 Any healthy person – little cycling experience necessary. Up to 25 km with gentle pace/terrain
 2 Any healthy person, geared bike. 20 – 40 km with gentle, short hills
 3 Fit cyclists, geared bikes. Up to 50 km and/or rolling hills
 4 Fit cyclists, geared bikes. Up to 100 km and/or steeper hills
 5 Experienced cyclists, above average ability. Over 100km and/or difficult terrain
Extra codes
 C Child friendly
 M Mountain bike required
 T Some traffic
 E Easy ride
 O Moderate pace
 U Unsealed or dirt roads
 F Fast pace
 P Includes off-road cycleways
 W Includes on-road cycleways
 H Significant hills
 S Slow pace
 X Experienced cyclists


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